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Our Story

NutriClimb was created to help climbers become stronger and healthier so they can perform their best day in and day out. We are a Canadian climbing company who specializes in creating high quality, one of a kind supplements, for climbers. 

Nutriclimb was born from within a small climbing community located in Winnipeg, Manitoba by our founder Dylan Pereira. From within this community the idea of creating a supplement for climbers spawned. A supplement that challenges the conventional idea of what a supplement is and who it's for.

The idea for NutriClimb came when I was looking for supplement products to better my nutrition and increase my performance in climbing. After researching and testing various products, I wasn't able to find the right one for my needs as a climber. The product was either missing something, had ingredients that would hinder my climbing, used artificial ingredients, or had way too much caffeine. There was no product on the market that knew what was important for climbers and the importance of proper supplementation for climbing. So I decided to make one.

Using only ingredients researched and tested to be useful for a climber. It had to be vegan, gluten free, contain no caffeine, use only natural sweeteners, coloring and flavoring, and above all made specifically for the needs of a climber.

After months of research and working with industry specialists, the first batch of our Climbers Pre-Workout was created. It was an instant hit and people wanted to know where they could get more. We decided that this was something that every climber should have access to. We located a Canadian manufacturer who could create our perfect climber Pre-Workout to the standards laid out by us and Health Canada. Production started immediately. Thus Nutriclimb was born. 

 NutriClimb Founder

Our Founder 

I am a climber from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have always been passionate, and a little obsessed, about fitness, how the body uses food for fuel , and of course climbing. I fell in love with climbing the first day I walked into the gym. After a 3 hour session I remember going home with a big smile on my face and my arms feeling like they were going to explode. The next day I drove back to my local gym and bought a membership. I've been climbing ever since. Climbing became more to me then just a way to stay fit. I fell in love with the lifestyle and the community that encompasses it. All my closest friends are climbers, all my trips facilitate climbing. My job now is to support the climbing community and provide products that climbers want. If I could, I would live in a van and just climb everyday.

My goal in climbing is to climb hard. The feeling of sending something difficult and beating the odds is what I crave. I'm always striving to be better and perform better. One day, I want to be climbing alongside the world’s best. I may never reach this goal but that doesn't stop me from trying. I know that this is what I love to do and wouldn’t want it any other way. Without climbing I wouldn’t have become the man I am today and I would not have the support needed to follow through with this business idea. The community is really what built this brand, not me. For that I am grateful.


Health Canada Certified

All of our Natural Health Products are certified by Health Canada under the "Natural Health Products Regulations". This means that the ingredients used and the claims made must be approved by Health Canada. The regulations were put in place to help people , specifically Canadians, "gain access to a wide range of natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality."

If you would like to learn more about the regulations and why this is beneficial to you, you can follow the link below to the Health Canada website. 

Health Canada Website