Training Drills - Silent Feet

Hello fellow climbers, welcome to the first post of our climbing training series. This series is designed to provide you with tips and exercises to help bring your climbing to the next level.

Today we will be discussing the “silent feet drill” and how incorporating this simple exercise into your routine can significantly benefit your climbing footwork. Doing this drill regularly will help you to develop a heightened awareness for your feet, improve body mechanics, and strengthen your core.

The Drill

Before you get on the wall, I want you to think two things that will help make this exercise a little more fun and challenging. First, remind yourself to keep your feet silent by internally saying “Silent Feet”, this creates an awareness and allows you to stay present during the exercise. Second, imagine you are a ninja. Think, if you were trying to sneak up on an enemy and you needed to keep your feet completely silent, how silent would you have to be? Keep these two thoughts during the entire drill, it will help.

Alright, so your ready to jump on the wall. Start with an easy route, one you can do with very little effort, and proceed to put your foot onto the first hold… quietly.

Continue to move your feet throughout the route with the utmost focus and precision to keep them from making any sounds. Remember, repeat those two things in your head, “Silent Feet” and “I am a ninja” everytime you move your feet.

If your foot makes a noise, stop, down climb to that move, and do it again, but don’t get off the wall till the route is done and it is done silent. This will help improve your focus and get your blood flowing

Repeat this drill on every warm up climb and eventually you will be climbing all your routes as silent as a ninja! This will help to improve footwork on climbs that are at your max because of the new awareness and focus you have developed for your feet. The days of slamming your feet on holds like they are made of concrete are no more. You will be as light as a feather and as silent as a ninja.

This exercise is so easily integrated into your climbing regimen that there is no reason not to use it. If you don’t have 5 or 6 warm up routes in your gym at your level, just do the same climb 5 or 6 times. Eventually you will be able to use this technique on harder routes. Never be afraid to use this even if the route is tough, it will only help you improve and get stronger. It’s never to early, or too late to utilize the benefits of this exercise.

To make it a little more fun, compete against your friends. Listen to each others feet as they climb and if they make a noise, make them go back.


In conclusion, keep those feet silent. If they make a noise, go back and do it again. Remember to always breath, take deep breaths and train your breathing while moving. Incorporate this exercise into every warm up climb, and make it fun.

If you liked this post or you have a comment you’d like to share please leave it in the comment section below. This is a new series and we will be working on putting out a new post once every couple of weeks for you guys. You can also check out our other blog posts on Supplements and Climbing and Nutrition for Comps Here.

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