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Hello fellow climbers and welcome to another addition of our Training Drills series. Today we will be discussing the importance of movement in climbing and how it directly relates to power development. By providing a simple exercise for you to implement into your climbing sessions, we will help you improve your movement.


Why is movement in climbing important?

Climbing is a skill based sport, it requires practiced and trained skills as well as large amounts of power and strength. Movement and power work hand in hand. Without movement, you can only go so far with power, and without power, you can only go so far with movement. A balance between the two is necessary to become a stronger/better climber.  

Where do you start?

The most efficient and straightforward way to learn movement is to incorporate it into every climbing session. Every session has (or should have) a warm up, like our Silent Feet Drill, put this exercise into your warm-up routines.

The exercise:

Over exaggerate every single movement. That’s it. If it’s a left foot on a hold and your going up left hand, really turn that left hip into the wall and drop that knee so low people will think you are Adam Ondra. If it’s a right heel hook and you are going up right hand, really pull that heel in and get those hips right up against the wall. Be conscious about every foot placement, every hip movement, and every drop knee. Getting your body in the right position during easy warm up climbs will train your body and mind to do it during climbs at your limit.

The best climbers in your gym are generally the strongest and have the most fluent movements.

If you do this every session and you are consciously over exaggerating your movements, you will climb smoother and harder than you ever have before. Incorporating this exercise into my routine has improved my movement exponentially and has allowed me to use my power and strength more efficiently when projecting routes.

One simple way of increasing power and strength is by performing high intensity weighted exercises and optimizing your nutrition for performance. Consuming a supplement product that contains everything a climber needs for power development is a convenient option and can be extremely beneficial. The only pre-workout made for climbers by climbers that incorporates power and strength development, increases endurance, and provides sustained, natural, caffeine free energy is our Climber Pre-Workout +. This unique supplement is made with high quality, vegan, gluten free ingredients with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Try our multiberry flavoured Climber Pre-Workout + to take your climbing and training to the next level.

In conclusion, over exaggerate every movement during your warm up, consciously think about the movement, create an awareness of your body, train strength and power as well as movement, and have fun.

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