Product Overview - Red Beet Powder

Product Overview - Red Beet PowderWelcome fellow climbers to our product overview blog series. This series is designed to help you understand each ingredient found in our Climber Pre-Workout +, why it was chosen, and how it benefits you as a climber. This will help you understand the importance of using a product designed for you and how much research goes into creating our Climber Pre-Workout +. Lets begin! 

Red Beet Powder

Red beet powder is basically beets that have been ground down until they are in powder form. Red beet powder has been known as one of the most beneficial products on the market for health and performance. 


Improved performance during physical activity

  • Studies have shown that consumption of red beet powder is related to an increase in NO levels, which helps open up blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and increase oxygenation of muscle tissue. Dietary consumption of nitrate is shown to increase physical performance.
  • Creates better blood flow which helps to flush out the lactic acid developed during exercise. 
  • Shown to reduce oxygen depletion during physical activity, thus resulting in greater endurance and less fatigue. 

Why red beet powder and how does it benefit a climber?

We chose red beet powder in our Climber Pre-Workout + because of the obvious health and performance benefits, but we also chose them for their brilliant "pink" color. Instead of using an artificial ingredient for color, like most supplement companies use, we decided it was important to use a natural ingredient that has a variety of benefits for climbers as well as provide the color we wanted. As for the question "how does it benefit a climber?", increased physical performance, faster reduction of lactic acid, greater endurance, and less fatigue is something every climber needs. 

We believe that the best products for a climber are the ones developed with a climber in mind. We don't create generic products and try to market to climbers like most companies. We only create products with ingredients specifically researched and tested to benefit you as a climber, nothing more or nothing less. If you want to get your hands on your own Climber Pre-Workout + you can follow the hyper link to our shop page and place your order. If you want to learn some more, check out our other ingredient posts Here, or check out our other blog posts on some cool topics like Nutrition for Comps.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post was helpful to you in some way. If you have any questions or just want to say hi you can leave a comment in the comment section below. 






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