Nutrition for Comps Part 2

Hello fellow climbers, 

Welcome to part 2 of nutrition for comps. Today I wanted to focus on what you should consume after a day of vigorous competition climbing. This will be a very basic post touching on the most important process of post nutrition. I touched on this a bit in the last post but I wanted to dive further into the topic because of its importance. 

The comp has come and gone, you climbed your ass off and left it all on the wall. Sweat, blood, skin, everything. Whether you made it into finals or not you need to focus on getting the proper nutrients your body needs to quicken the recovery process. Lets look at what happens to your muscles during and after climbing, or any type of training for that matter. This will help develop our understanding of the importance of post nutrition. 

In order to keep this post short I'm going to simplify this section and offer a more detailed version of the areas covered in later posts. During exercise our muscles take a beating. While we are stressing these muscles they are developing microscopic tears in which your body immediately starts repairing. The act of repairing the muscle is how the muscle becomes stronger and increases in size.  Your muscles primary "building blocks" for repair are protein and amino acids. Consuming protein and amino acids post competition will help to speed up your recovery for your next session.

Your body is primed for nutrient absorption immediately after physical activity. It is recommended that you consume an adequate amount of protein and amino acids 30 to 40 minutes after exercise to take advantage of this nutrient absorption window. Some whole food sources of protein include; Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Almonds, etc. Keep in mind that because these foods are whole foods they require more time for your body to digest and absorb. An easy way to get immediate protein and amino acids is by consuming our Post Workout Onsite Orange Creamsicle. One scoop offers an adequate amount of protein and BCAA's (amino acids essential in recovery after high intensity physical activity) as well as other ingredients essential for climbers. Containing ingredients to keep inflammation down and help maintain healthy joints. This is an easy convenient alternative to making a high protein meal after a comp. Keep in mind that this is not a meal replacement drink, whole food meals are still necessary for your health and performance.

High fat foods must be kept at a minimum after we finish out climbs or comps. Eat an adequate amount of carbs to help replenish the glycogen levels in your muscles(touched on this in the nutrition for comps part 1), drink plenty of water, and rest. You probably didn't drink enough water during the comp and will need the sleep to repair your body.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes for post nutrition that some of you might enjoy:  

Chicken Thighs with Sweet Potatoes Corn and Kale Bake


Paleo Glazed Chicken Wings


Remember, for pre comp you need lots of easily digesting carbs and low fat or protein a few hours before the comp. For post comp you need lots of protein, amino acids, carbs and low fat as well. We have supplements to help you in both areas, which will be available very soon.

I hope this will be helpful to you during and after your upcoming competitions. Join our email list at the bottom of the page for up to date info on what we are up to and our launch date. Don't forget to check us out on social media (Facebook and Instagram) and check back for some useful tips and tricks to help you be the best climber you can be. Thank you for reading. 

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